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May 7, 2013

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I’m back from my adventure to Costa Rica. I guess I shouldn’t say my adventure since it was really Cheryl’s adventure to celebrate her 50th birthday. But whatever, we both had a great time!

Costa Rica is its own little tropical paradise plopped somewhere in the middle of Central America. The trip was difficult to plan having never been before, I wasn’t sure what region to visit or how to get from point A to point B once we got there. I finally ended up letting Expedia decide and they did a great job finding us the perfect location.

Jaco Beach is one of the more famous Pacific side beaches in Costa Rica. The beach is attached to a small village filled with some of the friendliest people you have ever met. Locals and tourist mingle side by side at the bars and beaches and the lack of knowing the language never seemed to be a problem. My 2 years of High School Spanish classes over 25 years ago was enough to get me through. Surprisingly, I could understand at least every 20th word and that was enough to figure out that dinner was being served in the upstairs restaurant.

We spent out days adventuring through the rainforest or lounging at the beach. Although once we were shood from the beach after a 14 foot crocodile sighting, we spent the rest of the time at the pool.

We are not fools!

Fun Fact: Costa Rica doesn’t have Great White sharks, they have Crocodiles that swim in from the river and frolic in the ocean. They are adaptable to both fresh and salt water, which makes them really cool except for the fact that they eat people.

Lots of people.

The sunsets were the highlight of my day as they were like ones I have ever seen before. Each night offered a different color and angle. It was amazing. The weather was hot, humid and I sweated through most all of my clothes. After day two I quit trying to stay ahead of the sweat and gave into it. I just put a hat on, left the make-up off and just went for it. We saw our share of local animals and other than in the rainforest there wasn’t nearly as many bugs as I excepted there would be. The last night we were there we saw a beautiful lightning storm, which I’ll try to post a video of because it was awesome.

For one if our adventures we went zip lining and it was incredible. We had been a few times before but this one really took the cake. Each platform was 150-200 feet above the forest floor and was only about 3 feet wide with no railings. You spent your time shuffling your feet from one side of the tree to the other, readying yourself for your next flight. I don’t have any pictures from up on the tree perch. They really recommended you didn’t carry a camera as it would interfere with your focus on safety (meaning they didn’t want you to fall off the platform because you were trying to get the perfect shot…) they did take a few and I’ll post some of them for your viewing pleasure.

On Cheryl’s 50th she went paragliding. It was like a hang gliding canopy with a huge fan attached to the carrier.

It scared the hell out of me so I didn’t do it.

Plus it wasn’t my 50th…

I’m sure I’ll write more about this great destination and fabulous trip, but for now I’ll leave you with some pictures.


The chocolate colored sand of Jaco Beach, Costa Rica


Sunset #1. And no, this isn’t photoshopped or edited on Instagram.


My Crazy Wife ziplining. I was to chicken to let go of the rope so I went normal…


Birthday Wishes!


Tha is Cheryl doing her thing. It was very cool except for the part where they tried to kill me. I’ll post that video also since it’s funny. Well, it’s funny now since I didn’t get killed…


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Thanks Lori!

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Great Pictures :)

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Thanks Glenda! The people were beautiful too!

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