46 Fascinating Facts About Me – Part 3

April 12, 2014

in 46 Fascinating Facts

scan00012-230x30012) I read People Magazine religiously. Now that all the celebrity gossip stuff is online, I read that too. I spend a good amount of my day reading about celebrities. More time than I invest anywhere else. It is probably a problem and I should probably get help for it.

13) I’ve met a few celebrities, most of the time it was a planned experience, but some were just by luck. For as outgoing as I am I get very shy around celebrities OR I freak out. It can really go either way and I can’t pre-plan my reaction, it just happens and I have to go with it which has led to some really uncomfortable and embarrassing encounters. I should really re-post an article I wrote for Sandi and Lola dot com about meeting Melissa Etheridge because when I met her I completely lost my shit. She was very gracious with me being so tongue tied (not a lesbian joke, but I see how you could take it that way.) She tweeted me after me flubbing our meeting which totally made up for me blowing a lifetime opportunity.

14) Speaking of Tweeting, I’m just now trying to use it more. I kind of get it. To me, tweeting is like running into someone in a grocery store. You stop to say a quick hello but you don’t really have time to sit down and chat. It’s a flash in the pan. But I really (really) enjoy getting re-tweeted or conversing with celebrities on Twitter; Melissa Etheridge, Mia Schaikewitz of Push Girls, Jennifer Knapp, Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Matchbox 20, Hoda Kotb, Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go’s,  Imagine Dragons, Pandora Vanderpump, Trista Sutter from The Bachelorette, Gretchen Rossi and Carlton Gebbia of The Housewives, Alayna Magnan from Best Ink and Brandy Clark and some more, but you get the idea.

14) Although I do like finer things as gifts (ahem, Cheryl) I prefer an experience over a gift. I would rather go on a trip, see a play, have dinner with friends or go to a concert.

15) I love Reality TV. I used to watch them all but then Reality TV became a “thing” and there was way to many shows to keep track of. Now I stick to my main shows; The Housewives, Giuliana and Bill, The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Push Girls, Teem Mom and all the Housewives spin-offs.

16) I don’t like my food to touch. I’ve gotten better dealing with this issue as I have gotten older but I still prefer it to not touch.

17) I used to sell sex toys, but I was really bad at it. I was giving more away than I was selling. I just don’t think a woman should have to pay for happiness.

18) I firmly believe that people come into your life for a reason, a season or forever. We can’t cling to the past and life keeps moving, so the ebb and flow of friendship is inevitable. It doesn’t mean that you love them any less, it just means that your life (and theirs) is moving and that’s a good thing.

19) I’m a pretty decent friend, but, I admit, I’m not always on my “A game.” I have moments when I get busy and self involved, but for the most part I’m pretty dang loyal. What I wont do is hunt you down and find you. I like to plan outings and fun things to do but if you 1) don’t initiate conversation or 2) don’t ever invite me to do something now and again, I won’t keep trying. I believe friendship is a mutual relationship and you are either in it, or you are not. Just like any relationship, friendship can’t be one sided.

32362_4854146429665_974783573_n20) I don’t think the amount of time you have been friends with someone gives them more power over a newer friend. Just like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. I’m very fortunate that I have long term, loyal friends who are still very present in my life today. Those friendship are a treasure to me. The fact that you can meet in a different era in your life (hello! I was straight way back then!) and nurture and evolve that friendship into a friendship that fits into your life today is a true testament to those involved that are willing to take risks, sacrifice and forgive.

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