46 Fascinating Facts About Me – The Finale

April 16, 2014

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41) Beer is my drink of choice but when things get wild my go to cocktail is an old school gin and tonic with three limes.
42) I used to write poetry and even had a couple things published. For some reason I quit writing it, I’m not sure why.
43) I had the measles in high school. No one knows how I got them. I was quarantined in our back room until I wasn’t contagious anymore. It was super embarrassing became they had to send a letter out to every student at my high school saying “someone” had contracted the disease, but everyone knew it was me.
44) I’ve been skydiving and it was as thrilling as you can imagine it would be. I’m not sure I’d do it again. As the years pass my thrill seeking level goes down a notch…surprisingly, when I was on my jump, I was so busy mugging for the camera that I forgot to pull the rip cord. In the video you can see my tandem coach banging on me to pull it, he finally gave up trying to get my attention and pulled it himself.
45) I haven’t always been gay. I know some people believe you are born that way and I agree to a point. I don’t think I could change, but for me being gay was a slow evolution. Not an evolution of me being who I was meant to be, more of an evolution of finding the right person to be me with.

That’s it for today, I’ll post #46 tomorrow.

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