46 Fascinating Facts About Me

April 9, 2014

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linen drThis is what is happening right now. My blog people told me I should write about myself more since I have new readers from Twitter, Hashimoto’s and bloglands far, far away. And I was like “dude, all I do is write about myself” and he was like “write about you so people can know you.” And then I started thinking why wouldn’t I do this, I mean, I am fascinating and people might need to know that.

Seriously, I am straight up fascinating.

So In honor of my birthday next week, I am going to spend the time between now and then writing 46 fascinating facts about me. I am going to write about the obvious (I’M GAY!) and the not so obvious (I have a tremendous of fear of fire) and everything in between. And I lied before. Absolutely none of this will be fascinating. I was just trying to peak your attention before I bored you to death with my 46 facts about me.

Jokes on you, sucker!

1) My Mom said that I am a twin of an unborn twin and that I had two heartbeats inutero until the 4th month of her pregnancy. I’m not sure if this is true and if it is true, I am not sure how to prove it. All of my weird little medical mysteries that I have had the past 20 years my mom would chalk up to my unborn twin. Now I know it was my Hashimoto’s, but back then I didn’t know I Hashimoto’s so it was hard not to believe my Mom. If I had stomach issues it was probably because that damn fetus was eating through my stomach lining. Come to think of it, I’m pretty lucky I never got thrown in the loony bin. I can’t begin to think what the Doctors thought when I would pipe in that my thinning hair was because my unborn twin was in my brain and sucking all the nutrients out of my hair…

2) I have had three sets of teeth. Again, this plays into the twin rumor quite nicely. After it was discovered that I had a whole other set of adult teeth that needed to come in, my Mom just wrote me a check from the Tooth Fairy and said that they had worked out a deal where the Tooth fairy would just give me the money up front since she knew the teeth would fall out eventually. This was so my Mom wouldn’t have to remember to pay me every night I lost a tooth. Creative parenting at its finest.

3) I grew up in a small two stop sign town in San Diego. My childhood was filled with hikes to the water tower or crystal cave and trying to get up the nerve to climb burnt mountain. I had Zona’s donuts almost every Sunday of my life. Rattle snakes were the norm, I lived barefoot nine months out of the year and I swam nearly everyday during the summer in the creek down the street. For a small town, it was filled with some tragedy. A boy, who was in my sisters class who was a few years older than I was, killed his little brother because he didn’t want to babysit him. He hid his body in the hills around our house and it took the police a few days to find him. The boy was a kid I used to tutor. It’s funny that 35 years later I can still picture his face. Santana High school had the second high school shooting in the nation. I didn’t attend that high school but most of my friends did. The horror of having something like that happen so close to your roots is difficult to swallow. There was probably more stories about that town but these are the ones that stick in my mind.

4) Our town, as I said, was a two stop sign town. One side of town attended Santana High School, the other got bused the 20+ miles to attend Grossmont High School in La Mesa, Ca. I was one of the later students. I had a GREAT time in high school but the kids that I grew up with in elementary school are the ones that I built those life long bonds with. I’m not sure if it’s because of our small community or that fact that my high school was so far away in a ritzy, upper class part of San Diego. Either way, I’m glad I still keep in touch with many of my small town friends.

5) I can still remember our old phone number, my old neighbors phone number and my Mom’s driver’s license number. I can also remember the name of every family that ever lived on our half of the street, the crackling sound of the street lights coming on, and where every stray cactus in the neighborhood was planted (which was good to know because you didn’t want to ride your bike into one on accident.) I also remember that on rainy days the water would drain off the mountains and provide enough force that you could ride a piece of cardboard four blocks down “The Hill” until you hit the flat part of Rancho Fanita. I remember the preachers wife that we thought was scary enough to boycott her house on Halloween for fear she would put a curse on us (later in life I went back to say hello and found her to be the sweetest little old lady. I have no idea where the rumor of her being mean got started.) I remember that my friend Kory had piano at 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursday and that the Richetti’s ate dinner every night at 5pm. I remember that 10 speed bikes were not built for mountain terrain, but that didn’t stop us from trying. I remember that our street was PERFECT for roller skating until they resealed it with that gravely stuff that is still there to this day. I could probably go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture. I grew up there and it made a lasting impression. I’m happy I have all those memories.

To be continued…




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