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June 10, 2013

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2013-04-05 12.49.27I have been writing and re-writing this post for over a month now trying to capture the true meaning of the weekend. This post needs to be more than just a standard I Eat Pop Tarts concert review, but still show how amazing the band was.

And lets be honest, I am not a good enough writer to pull that off.

Most concerts I go to, I attend because I love the music the band plays. I have a **10 song concert minimum rule. If I don’t ‘own’ at least 10 songs from the artist, I won’t invest the money in a ticket to go see them live. Mostly I do this because if you have ever spent $100 on a concert ticket to see a one hit wonder, you quickly realize that you just wasted a $100 to learn WHY they are a one hit wonder.

It’s really just about math.

**Not that I like math or because of my dyslexia, can even do simple equations, but you gotta agree my concert logic makes sense.

But there are a few exceptions to my rule. Def Leppard and The Go Go’s. Not that I don’t own 10 of their songs BECAUSE I OWN THEM ALL (so technically they are still a part of my 10 song rule…) but I will see them everytime I get the chance.

Just because.

So when Def Leppard announced a 2 week stay at The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, it was a no brainer to go. The fact that the concert landed during my month long birthday celebration was an added bonus! Going to see Def Leppard or the Go Go’s is not like going to see a regular show. There is a history involved that’s difficult to explain. Sure it’s fun, but I’m talking about something bigger than that. It’s 30 years of memories rolled into those songs. Without sounding corny, it’s like playback to the soundtrack of my life.

Okay, that totally sounded corny. Whatever. Don’t judge.

There is something about seeing a band live where you know the words to every song. You know what song they are going to play at the first chord. You know the beat of the music because you have heard it 1000 times, if not a million. For lack of a better word, it’s euphoric. And that feeling is made even better when shared with a friend who was with you the millions of time you listened to that song.

That’s exactly how I felt the weekend of the magical Def Leppard show. It was amazing. The band was awesome, the drinks were strong and the laughter was plentiful. Sure you can see the same band with different people and it will still be an amazing time, but what makes it extra special is looking over and making eye contact with your bestie of 30 years when the band is breaking into a song that brings back those long ago memories.

You know at that moment that she remembers that same extract memory like it was just yesterday.

2013-04-05 21.51.52You can’t replicate that.

This July I was scheduled to attend my 45,561,093rd Go Go’s concert, but mandatory Mommy Duties have caused me to cancel. I was/am bummed. I’m pretty sure due to a packed summer schedule that I won’t be able to see The Go Go’s at all this summer and that makes me beyond sad. Not sad like I’m going to sit and cry about it, but anxious sad, like what if they never tour again and I am missing it..


The only thing that makes this somewhat bearable is that my girlfriends are bringing their daughters to the show.

Keeping that tradition alive through the generations is not only mandatory to keep the Go Go’s viable until the year 2154, but also pretty awesome!

I’m sure the kids will have no memories associated with the songs (Like that the Go Go’s song “Our Town” is really about, uh, our town…) but they will probably hear some of our stories/antics along with building new memories of the music with their mom’s and that’s almost the same thing.

But I still wish I was going. :(

PS: A very late but grateful and heartfelt THANK YOU to my best friend of almost 30 years. We have had our share of ups and downs but there is no one I’d rather scream “OMG! Do you remember when…” with when a good song comes on the radio than with you. Always be.

1 Margie June 10, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Where do I start….. First, I love you and how you write just the right thing. Second, my head looks big in that picture…really? was that the only picture you had? all that fun and thats the picture you post? J/K . That weekend from the drive out, stopping at the same sign Joe Elliott stopped at to take our pictures ( just like Joe did) in front of the def leppard sign to the drive home with the police chase and listening to the police scanner was one of the best weekends we’ve shared in 30 years. Althought I can think of a few others like the impromptu ( spelling?) weekend in San Clemente at the hotel ( we had no reservations for) that turned into a timeshare that had everything we would ever need ( which we did) and laying on the beach listening to Peter Gabriel on your walkman. That weekend was fun too! and so long ago. my point is…..the time has passed, good and bad but we’ve stuck it out and have enjoyed every minute of it. I love you, thank you for 30 years of friendship, good times, and laughs. Alway be!

2 Sandi June 10, 2013 at 3:35 pm

First, you don’t really have a big head so that makes posting the picture okay. If you did have a big head (like Wendy) and I went out of my way to emphasize it, then I would be in the wrong. Second, I love your comment! Love all the memories! That’s what it’s all about! Always be!

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