A really long rant about the Duggar molestation accusations.

May 22, 2015

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FullSizeRenderI’m often asked to write about all things LGBTQ on this blog. It’s why I have this blog, “to be an integral voice of todays culture.” Which I really suck at because I often pass because the subject is too political, there is no win/win or it’s too judgmental. Really. I am often asked to write these eye for an eye posts where I am  supposed to point out the other sides personal attacks on me by writing a personal attack on them.

That just doesn’t seem like it’s moving the subject forward.

“Write a post on how their judgment is very judgy and be really judgmental about it.”

No thanks, I’ll pass.

But then there things like the Josh Duggar from 19 Kids and Counting scandal pops up on my radar and I find myself immersed in research and hanging on every word that the media reports on the subject.


Because I watch the show. That’s right I WATCH IT. I always have. Since day one on TLC I have seen every single episode. I realize that this revelation will (and has) caused people to say I am not a very good lesbian. I seriously don’t know how or why this lessens my lesbianism anymore than it makes straight people straighter for watching. I watch it because it entertains me. I don’t watch it for the religious overtones. I don’t watch it because of what they say to the media. I watch it because I’m interested in those kids. I mean, you have not seen such a large laundry operation go as seamlessly until you have seen the Duggars do laundry.

I guess my point here is that this is a really big world with so many different people, beliefs, cultures and religions that if I ignored the ones that didn’t fall in line with who I am, I’d probably live in a really small world.

So if the Duggars want to go on record that they don’t support gay marriage, well I guess they have the right to believe that and support it. Again, trying not to pass judgment on their judgment.

But this thing with the cover up of the child molestation…that’s a little harder to ignore.

Okay A LOT harder to ignore.

IMG_8621That’s not just spewing words that are hurtful, that is downright causing harm to another person. Life long irreversible harm. The media has been all over this story, but the interesting part to me is that there hasn’t been but a whisper of mention about the girls that he molested. The Duggars went out of their way, very methodically and intentionally to protect their son, but very little (at least through what has been reported at this time) has been done to assure the girls involved in this crime were treated and kept safe. Sexual predators (and yes, even though he was a 14 year old boy, that is what I am going to call him) rarely stop on their own accord. Josh admittedly had multiple victims over a span of time. That’s not sexually curiosity, that’s molestation.

You know what is so surprising about all of this? Is that it is not so surprising.

We, as humans, are not so perfect and anyone claiming to be is a bullshitting liar. The cracks of imperfection in the Duggar family was bound to start showing at one point or another. Regardless of how much you believe in God or how conservative you are in your convictions, you are still flawed. And I mean flawed in the best way possible. That each of us are different, unique and have our own minds and speak our own words. It is the way we were intended to be; to be a beautiful mess. But we have made it a habit in our culture to look down on people who are not like us and do not share our same beliefs. We have self imposed rules and unleashed hate on those that don’t believe as we do. Look no further than the politics of our country to see that rhetoric and hate have trumped respect any day of the week. We have handed the microphone to just about anyone who wants it and given them a stage to say whatever they want with out any qualification. And those words about “greater good” and “being for the people” and “liberty and justice FOR ALL” have been taken out of our speeches and have been replaced with discrimination and finger pointing. Look no further than your Facebook page to see how much rhetoric and hate/disrespect you have in your life. IT IS EVERYWHERE and yet we wonder why the world is the way that it is. We have all picked sides and until we un pick them and just simply have respect for politics and religious freedom, things are not going to change. That little black book doesn’t put you on a higher pedestal than the rest of humankind, but if you think it does and you put yourself on it, then expect your fall to be a little further than the rest of us that keep our gloriously flawed feet firmly planted on the ground.

I think I eventually have a point to this rant, just hang with me for another second…

The Duggars covered up a horrific crime and they expect the world to over look it because their son has asked God for redemption and forgiveness and he has, by his own account, received it once again putting himself back on the pedestal.

What about the victims?  What about how someone, somewhere decided that IT was FINE. That IT was TAKEN CARE OF. Just because you read the bible, or pray to God, that may make you feel better but it doesn’t take away the damage that has been done anymore than acknowledging wrong doing AFTER you have been exposed (no pun intended)  heals the innocent victims.

The Duggar’s dropped the ball on this one.

Josh is going to get his day in the court of public scrutiny, which I guess is better than nothing. But it comes at a great cost to his family, his wife and his kids. The fact that dealing with it now just dragged more innocent victims through the mud makes this sad story all the more sad.


1 Catherine May 27, 2015 at 6:21 pm

Yes, the victims. No mention of them AT ALL. I watched the show too. It was insightful; now it is disgusting. I never agreed with their anti-gay, anti-choice beliefs (not to mention the subservient role women were cast in), but I never expected this. Mainly they seemed to be a large, self-sufficient family, and that is what interested me.

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