A Room with a Terrible View

October 22, 2013

in Boys will be Boys, Funny Stuff


I’ve been busy re-painting and un-stinkifying Frankie’s room and turning it into an official guest room. The downside of all that work is that I have piles of shit everywhere, and I’m not expecting those piles of shit to go anywhere anytime soon.
My mom used to rant “ALL I FEEL LIKE I DO IS SHUFFLE SHIT FROM ONE ROOM TO ANOTHER!” I totally didn’t know what she meant until right now because that’s all I’m doing. Shuffling shit.
The bright side is that you can actually walk into the office closet. The bad news is that all the crap that kept you from walking into that closet is now in the new guest room (tentatively titled The Beaver Room.)
At this rate we wont be taking reservations until 2015. Until then, bring a box and help me dig out of this mess.

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