Adoption Anniversary

July 19, 2012

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On Monday we celebrated our 8th adoption anniversary.


We used to go out and celebrate with a fancy dinner and cake, but over the years the celebration has melted down into a simple milestone. It’s hard to put into words, but the big grand celebration just doesn’t feel like it used too.  Like there isn’t a need for it. Instead of celebrating the day we became a family, we are just busy living it. Over the years the growing pains of what sacrifices it took from all of us to get us to that point in court when we said I Do to each other is just a reminder of a time when things weren’t so easy. Now that we all feel like a normal family it seems weird to think back to when we were not. Much less celebrate it.

“Hey, remember that time I didn’t know who you were so I went up to that other lady in the grocery store and called her mom?”

Yeah, sometimes it’s better to not remember and just cherish where we are now… :)

On this blog, I refer to my sons as adopted. They were 5 and 8 when we adopted them and remember things from their past life vividly. I’m not stupid enough to think that their past would be so easily forgotten once they came to us. They know they are adopted, I know they are adopted, their friends know they are adopted…it just doesn’t come up in daily life. In real life, they are just my sons. I don’t put a label on them unless it’s relevant or I’m in need of an explanation.

Like when someone asks which one of us lesbos carried the babies. And yes, people ask.

A lot more than they should.

But here, on my blog, them being adopted is a big part of who I am as a writer. Strange, right? I do read to them what I write (and sometimes I am even so kind as to ask their permission before I post something!) Being an adoptive parent is a HUGE part of what I do here. It’s also a big part of how I got this job and even a bigger part of who tunes in to read. Since I started I Eat Pop Tarts, I have site stats and breakdown like pages of math equations (and seriously, some of them are. I had to have Frankie decipher a few for me.) If I were so inclined, I could spend hours a day figuring out who is tuning in and when. Fortunately for me,  I don’t have the focus or desire to do that. I will let the powers that be look at all that mumbo-jumbo. But, I did find this stat interesting. My readership is comprised of this:

Adoptee/Adopters – 53%

Gay/Lesbian – 26%

Friends/Family – 3%

Other demographic – 18%

+/- 1%- 3% error ratio

These numbers don’t lie. Or maybe they do. I don’t really know because I haven’t checked. I just copied them from an e-mail…

The silly fact is, I am exactly who I said I am as a writer. IN THAT ORDER.

twitterThat’s cool and I  like it.

But, for the record, just ’cause I call my sons by that tacky title of “adopted” on here, please don’t think of them any less as mine/ours. They are truly belong to us and in no less of a capacity than if they were born to us.

PS: Follow me on Twitter! I almost am Twittering once a week…I should probably work on that…

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1 stfankaren (@stfankaren) December 20, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Congrats on the 8th but also on the pre-official time as well! Reporting in from the 3%.

2 Sandi December 21, 2012 at 10:32 am

Thank you Karen! I am glad you are part of the 3%!

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