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February 11, 2014

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adblogToday I got an e-mail requesting advertising space on my blog. I get lots of these. Some more worthy than others. I normally don’t comply as it’s kind of a waste of time and space because most just want you to post it for free (but I do “return the favor” for freebies or kick backs so hit me up if you want some coverage!)  But the amount this company was willing to pay was substantial and the back end upside was even more so.

Of course I did my due diligence to at this company was about and low and behold it was a company that sold “gardening equipment” so you could create your own indoor green house.

AKA- build your own pot house in 5 easy steps!

Ummmmm, while I appreciate the generous offer, I’ll have to pass.

Not because I don’t find the compensation attractive (it was a bangin’ deal…) but ethically I think it maybe a little to in the gray area for me.

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