May 22, 2013

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are back from Maui. Tired, sun tanned and with piles of laundry (for Cheryl) to get done. We kept the kids out of school on Monday so they could sleep since we only got 4 hours of sleep on the plane (and even less if you count the numerous times we were woken up by the over exuberant 1 year old screaming to anyone who would listen…)

Taking the kids out of school is always a gamble, especially when you have one that is thisclose to not graduating. And let’s not forget, graduation is only 8 days away… While spending time as a family is important, that diploma is even more important. It’s a one shot deal. Get it, or don’t. There really isn’t a second option. But, breaking with past tradition, he got his work done on the plane (he didn’t like it, but he did it) and one Monday after he napped he woke up and spent time studying for his finals later this week. All I can say is, better late than never and I know in the long run he will appreciate the effort he put in to get that diploma.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis trip was bittersweet for us. It’s probably the last vacation we will have as a 4 person family. Frankie is graduating and moving out, Andrew is promoting out of 8th grade and heading into High School. Things around here are changing. I think it’s for the better, only time will tell, but it’s definitely moving in a new direction. For the first time in 10 years, Cheryl and I find ourselves at the beginning stages of empty nest syndrome. We have more time alone than we ever have had since adopting the kids. For years we have had to hire respite care providers if we wanted to sneak out for an hour or two. Finding a qualified (and willing)  sitter to take on The Frankenmonster wasn’t always financially an option, so we often took the easy route and just stayed home. But with Frankie off probation (as of last Saturday! Whoot!) working lots of hours and him moving out and taking responsibility for himself, we finally have free time together.

With more to come!

I love it.

Not that I don’t love my kids. I do. I love them and enjoy them (for the most part…I can do without some of the teenage bullshit) but it is so nice to have some time alone with my wife. We shop, run errands, enjoy  nice long leisurley dinners, curl up by the TV or walk the dogs. It’s hard to beleive with this new found freedom that it’s only going to get more frequent and probably the next time we jet off to Hawaii, it’ll be by ourselves. Not because we chose to go alone, but because the kids will be off living their own lives. That is such a strange thought. But we did great the ten years we were together before we adopted the kids and I am assuming we will pick off where we left off.

Somewhere on the golf course.

1 Bonnie May 22, 2013 at 8:15 pm

Sandi you’re real. One of the few truly honest bloggers out there. You put to pen and paper what many people only think about. It’s a risk, and I respect you for it. Glad the family had such a wonderful time.

2 Sandi May 22, 2013 at 10:38 pm

Bonnie, when I started blogging I did it out of need for an emotional release. I needed a place to yell and scream. I promised myself I would write what I wanted, when I wanted and to write for me, not anyone else. I’m very lucky people tune in and want to hear, good and bad, about the happenings in my life. You are one of those people, so THANK YOU!

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