CONGRATS FRANKIE! Class of 2013!

May 30, 2013

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Whoot! GradHe did it!

It was a long road with many ups and downs and he sure didn’t make it easy.

**Note to students -Don’t make Graduation this hard on yourself or your parents. ENJOY your last year of school and have fun. There is no need for extra anxiety, you will have plenty of time for that later in life.

The ceremony was beautiful, but I didn’t cry. That is surprising because I am a crier. I even brought two packs of Kleenex in anticipation.

But nothing.

I think I was too excited, too relieved.

Too happy.

2013-05-29 15.44.34I mean, we were all happy (except for Frankie, I think he was just stunned.) It was a momentous occasion and one we had all been waiting for since 2nd grade when his teacher sat us down and said school was going to be a long haul and that we better get ready for the ride. It’s been a looooong ten years of peaks and valleys, but he’s here.

He did it.


The best part of all of this?

He’s 18 and officially a high school graduate. No more strings holding him down, no more parental involvement on decisions, no more excuses.

It’s up to him now.

2013-05-29 15.44.55We built the foundation. It took 10 years of hard labor. We taught the kid what you get with hard work and what you don’t get when you don’t work hard. We held him accountable for his actions. We are teaching him to be a man of his word and holding him responsible for over promising or not committing to his promises. We taught him about love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. We taught him that love and respect are gifts that are given, not things one can take (no matter how bad we want them.) We squared his shoulders so that he is headed down the right path, but whether he chooses to continue down that path is solely up to him.

It’s an exciting time for all of us. He has the freedom he has always desired and we are gladly handing over the reigns of control.

That boy, I mean man, has the opportunity to do anything he wants to do. As long as his desire and dedication stay on track, the sky is the limit.

Go get em’ Frankie. The world is waiting!

1 Bonnie May 30, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Congratulations, Frankie !
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
—Audrey Hepburn

2 Sandi May 31, 2013 at 8:18 pm

Bonnie- I love it! Thank you!

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