Don’t You Forget About Me

September 2, 2013

in Friendship

Last night I saw a screening of The Breakfast Club at the Forever Hollywood Cemetery. This was awesome for many reasons but I’ll only list three to not be obnoxiously annoying about this subject.

1) It was an awesome movie in 1984, and still is today. John Hughes was a genius.

2) It was at a CEMETERY. You know, with dead people. How cool is that.

3) I think we all can relate to someone in this movie. The stereo types still exist today. Not just in High School but in life. This movie gives hope to the fact that we can (and should) co-exist. No one is better. Judges more. Hates less. Suffers more. Than any one. We all face the same strife and struggles.

“They only met once, but it changed their lives forever.

They were total strangers, with nothing in common, meeting for the first time. Before the day was over, they broke the rules. Bared their souls. And touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.”


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