Graduation or Bust!

May 26, 2013

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394554_4070275431182_376976939_nRaising children is not easy. I am not ashamed to admit that I, at times, have been pushed to the breaking point. Having TWO teenagers under one roof at the same time is enough to make you drink.

And I do.

This blog isn’t here for parenting advice, it is a place to let go of my frustrations, my anger and my dumbfoundedness at the perils I personally face being a parent.

But more importantly, it is a place where I can let it out and  breathe.

I know that not every parent out there is faced with the hand we were dealt (by the way, be thankful for that.) But we all, as parents, have our own issues to face. It may not be the same exact road, but we all have one we have to travel.

I fight daily with my oldest son.

I mean it, DAILY.

I have learned to let the little things go. Like bathing. That used to bug the living shit out of me that he would not wash himself. Now I just plug my nose and let it go. After 12 years I have realized that I would have better luck wrangling my cat into the shower than I would him. It’s a battle I don’t have the energy for.

But there are things I will draw a line in the sand and fight for.

A High School Diploma, being a front-runner.

My son is so stubborn he would (and I am not making this up) not get his diploma just to prove a point. I am not willing to sit and let that happen.

So we battle.

With only a few more months until graduation, our arguing is at a fever pitch.

I tell him EVERY SINGLE DAY I am in it until the bitter end and I will not go down without a fight.

Come May 29th, whether I am standing there cheering him on at Graduation or sitting at home on my couch perusing Pinterest, I will know I gave it my all.

He may not appreciate that now, but I think he will later in life.

Especially if he gets his diploma.


**Hawaii update. He has decided to join us on the trip. He gave us a “deposit” , which will be 100% reimbursed should he have passing grades and get to go on the trip. If all goes according to plan, not only will he get to join us on our family vacation but he will also have grades worthy of graduating. Whether it’s because he wants to graduate or because he doesn’t want to lose him money, I don’t really care. Whatever motivates him to wear a cap and gown and cross the stage to get that little piece of paper is the end result I am hoping for. One point for creative parenting!

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1 Shelley March 26, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Thanks for that! I needed to hear that today, the part about being in it till the bitter end and not giving up. Some days I am not proud of the thoughts I have! You are an inspiration, my friend. Thanks for sharing.

2 Bonnie March 29, 2013 at 7:17 am

Sounds like you are making some progress, Sandi. I admire your resolve and for standing your ground on the education issue. My son has changed universities twice and is now thinking about studying abroad… We said.. “sure do what you like, and figure out the financing” . I think he’s decided to stay at school in Montreal :) Kids… sheesh

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