Happy 80th Birthday Dad

January 5, 2014

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167025_1697737718012_4559193_nToday would have been my Dad’s 80th Birthday.

80 years… He was 73 when he died, but the illness had taken his mind and body before he actually passed away. I’ll always remember him smoking a cigar as he walked around the golf course.

He was in his element then.

My Dad was a good guy. People say I get my sense of humor from him. He was a prankster and always enjoyed a good laugh. I also have his eyes. A weird green/gray/blue that constantly change color with the seasons, light and mood.

He loved hockey, a stiff gin & tonic and hitting on 16 at Blackjack even though it pissed off everyone at the table.

He loved poker nights, farting in elevators (I mean, who doesn’t…) fishing, a good party, going in the Jacuzzi naked, sports, golfing and his beloved Padres.

He loved his coffee black, the newspaper, grapefruit for breakfast, yelling at the TV, M*A*S*H, books, his brother and sister, and Time magazine.

He loved the Copper Country, Lake Superior, his Finnish heritage, classic country radio and of course us, his family.

He really was a good guy.

Happy Birthday Dad.

I miss you.


 Gerald “Jerry” Pasanen

Jan. 5, 1934-April 23, 2007


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