Happy Birthday Cheryl!

January 4, 2014

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2013-01-03 14.46.55Last year we were in Costa Rica for Cheryl’s 50th birthday, hanging upside down on zip-lines and frolicking in the ocean with the alligators.

(Okay, we didn’t know the alligators were there until AFTER we got out of the water, we just thought the lifeguard was waving at us…luckily we didn’t get eaten.)

This year for her 51st, we have down graded the festivities to dinner following a swim meet. And no alligators.

Normally we are skiing this time of year but with the kid in swimming and Cheryl opening 3 new stores at work, well, that leaves little time for the slopes.

At least last week we were VIP’s, jet-setting around Vegas compliments of Cheryl’s BFF. That definitely made up for the not so exciting weekend we had this week. Any birthday you can reach out and touch Britney Spears is a good birthday.

Happy Birthday Cheryl!



And y’all totally thought I was kidding about touching Britney Spears…




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