Happy Birthday Girls!

November 9, 2013

in Friendship

32362_4854146429665_974783573_nSo there’s these girls.

Two of em’.

One has a birthday today, the other is tomorrow.

We’ve been friends for over 28 years.

We have covered a lot of ground over those 28 years. Graduations, proms, weddings, divorces, coming out, moving, parties, drinks, boyfriends, concerts, tears of sadness, tears of happiness. We have fought, made up, got pissed, yelled at…

(I’m not sure we have actually hit each other but I’m not going to rule it out either…you know, never say never.)

The morale of the story is 28 years is a tremendously long time. People come, people go but these girls have been a constant. It’s not like we all don’t have other friends, we do. And some of them are pretty damn important. But no matter what, those friendships will always be miles behind in the history of what and who we were/are. I guess it’s like running a marathon, if someone is on mile 13 you can’t start at mile zero and expect to catch up.

Just like this Kenny Rogers song “You Can’t Make Old Friends.”

Kenny knows what he is talking about.


Happy Birthday girls. Cheer’s to many more!



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