Holidays – times are a’changin’

January 3, 2014

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xmas2013Theme: The pressure to keep holidays the same as your family grows and changes.

This holiday season was just a blur. Food, presents, parties…

It seems it was over as soon as it started.

I think the holidays change and morph as the kids get older. Your traditions become packed away with all the decorations that you don’t put out anymore because it’s too much trouble.

Gone are the giddy bedtimes where the kids are almost too excited to sleep and the early morning exclamations that “SANTA’S BEEN HERE!” All that has been replaced with “okay, I’ll buy it but it’s going under the tree as a gift” and “please be home by mid-night so I can get our annual PJ by the tree picture.”

This year our PJ theme was Rival High Schools. Frankie went to Corona High and Andrew goes to Santiago.

The sad thing is, this will probably be our last PJ picture. This year it was difficult to get and next year will probably be impossible. That may be yet another tradition that gets tucked away until the next generation arrives.

But let’s just hope that’s more than a few years down the road…I am way to young to be a Grandma.

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