I. Am. So. Busy. But not too busy to write this post…

June 24, 2013

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d74138610c691a14a951972a357ef0caI always seem to live my life on the brink of being overly busy. I normally can manage it all as long as I stay semi organized and pre plan much of my days.

But inevitably there comes a point where it just all starts happening so fast that I really want to do is  throw my hands in the air and say fuck it.

That time would be now until mid July.

Looking at my calendar and then topping it off with some personal stuff that is out of my control, and WHAMO! You got trouble.

Or I guess, I’ve got trouble.

I start back to work next week and Andrew heads back to school after being off for a month for his final off track before he heads to High School.

Frankie is in Senior mode at school, with last-minute projects, Grad Nights, Senior Dinners, Finals and Prom. He graduates (hopefully) the end of May, and we have a big party planned (should he make it into his cap and gown) but between now and then he has an 18th birthday to celebrate and we all have a week-long family trip to Hawaii. Plus he has been working 30+ hours a week which is awesome but just adds to the stress of trying to coordinate his schedule.

Once we get Frankie graduated, it’s time to focus on Andrew who will be finishing up his 8th grade year the end of June. Same kinda stuff as Frankie with parties, Finals and award dinners. He leaves the day after his promotion to spend 5 days in Washington DC with his classmates. He comes home from that trip only to quickly re-pack and leave again a day and a half later for a seven day Civil Sir Patrol Encampment in Reno, NV. Sprinkled in between all of that are a few swim meets, his yearly swim banquet, his 14th birthday, 3 Air Shows and his regular C.A.P. duties. That poor guy is scheduled to the hilt. I often wonder if it’s too much, but he handles it like it’s no big deal. His schedule actually makes my eyes bug out and makes my hand itch for a glass of wine. I marvel at how he finds the time to not only get it done, but do it all so well. Tonight he promotes to Cadet Senior Airman, which is an amazing accomplishment for a kid with only a year and a few months under his belt.

I’m in the process of winding down my PTA duties. Piles of end of the year paperwork, getting the books organized and trying to fill positions to have someone to hand everything over to. While I have enjoyed being PTA this year and was pretty lucky to work with some GREAT people who made my job way easier,  I am looking forward to not having my house filled with PTA paraphernalia. My hockey room can go back to being my hockey room and maybe, if they are lucky, I’ll let the kids play in there again…

I’m sure with all this stuff going on I’ll be posting about it. You can also follow along on my I Eat Pop Tarts fan page. “Like” it and you can read about my shenanigans in real time or you can read it as I post it. I am either really good at keeping it updated or not so good at it. Right now I suck at it… and I mean suck at it. It’s probably something I should work on.

You know, when I have time…

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