I decided to love Twitter.

February 17, 2014

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20140217-161911.jpgIn the past, I’ve been vocal about my lackluster love of Twitter. I’ve just never been able to grasp the ambiguity of it.  I enjoy the celebrity postings and I follow the news on it, but other than that…not so much.


My favorite (and I mean favorite) Best Ink artist, Alayna Magnan  not only responded to my Tweet, we had a mini Twitter convo! It was AWESOME! I love, love, love her and think she is super talented.


Imagine Dragons followed me! I tweeted about going to their concert on Saturday and they followed me. It was/is super exciting and I  just about died.

So now I love Twitter.

And you should probably FOLLOW ME on Twitter because I may actually post something on there now and again.

Or I will at least re-tweet funny jokes.

Either way, you win.

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