I don’t have to like yours and you don’t have to like mine.

April 29, 2015

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f37d405bea9713ffd7907232c325251bA couple days ago I called out from a Facebook friend for not ‘liking’ their posts often enough. Apparently I used to ‘like’ their stuff a lot more than I do now and the lack of my ‘liking’ has caused a bit of (one sided) contention between us.

First, I have to say, I don’t think Facebook has a ‘liking’ policy so I feel pissy that I am being held accountable to one. Second, this friend never ‘likes’ any of my posts so I am a bit confused as to why the ‘liking’ falls squarely on my shoulders.

BUT, it did make me think about Facebook (and I’ll throw in Instagram too but not twitter because I am a horrible twitterer) on what and why I ‘like’ certain things and ignore (not always purposely) others.

1) Repeat anything. If you are a constant repeater and keep posting the same stuff over and over again, I am probably going to ignore it on accident. If I’ve seen it before I’m going to assume I have already ‘liked’ it and just keep scrolling.

2) Pictures of food &/or drink. Same rules apply. If I think I’ve seen it before, I’m moving on.

3) Work-out status updates. I’ll cheer you on for awhile but then it gets redundant. I have a hard enough keeping focus as it is, if it’s not fresh content I am probably going to get bored.

4) Daily bible verses. Good for you but again, I’m probably not going to ‘like’ it because it’s an automatic post.

5) Overly political content. I find some of it smart and witty but when it starts getting mean spirited I am going to bow out regardless of if I support it or not.

6) Sharing shared content. I firmly believe this should be limited to 1-2 posts a day. To me Facebook is about a personal connection so I want to hear from YOU, not someone else’s shared anything. Save all that for re-tweeting on twitter.

7) The dreaded daily diary. I know this makes me sound hypocritical because I just said in #5 that I wanted to hear from you BUT, I ‘m probably going to pass on reading or ‘liking’ your daily to-do list.

8) The over use of meme’s. I’m on Pinterest as much as I’m on Facebook so I have seen them all. There is nothing more cringe worthy than seeing an outdated meme/e-card that someone thinks is new.

9) The Debbie Downer posts. We all have bad days and we are all incredibly busy/depressed/sad/under appreciated…but hearing about it day after day after day…man, that’s exhausting.

10) Vaguebooking. Just.Don’t.Do.It. If you are “not a liberty to say” then don’t take the liberty of posting some vague, incomplete post. It’s annoying.

11) The WTF? post. Please provide details. It may be funny or news worthy in your head but if you don’t build the story with words it doesn’t translate for the rest of us.

12) Posting too many pictures at one time. Facebook is not Picasa and shouldn’t be used to store all 107 pictures of your trip to Florida. Post a few, save the rest for your scrapbook at home.

12) I also think there is something to the “if I ‘like’ yours, you should ‘like’ mine” argument. I hate to admit it, but Facebook (and all other avenues of social media) have a touch of ego involved. There are ways to feel loved and there are ways to get your ego bruised. When someone doesn’t acknowledge you, of course it hurts your feelings. And, if time and time again, you ignore my stuff I guess eventually I am going to lose interest in yours. Social Media is like any other relationship, you can’t expect it to work if it is one sided.

Again, I can’t stress enough these are just guidelines that I’ve come up with for myself, they are not meant to be offensive to anyone, they are just general observations I have made on my Facebook habits. At the end of the day, Facebook is a public forum and you can do whatever the hell you want. BUT, if you come at me and want answers as to why I don’t ‘like’ your posts enough, well, here you go.

1 Laurel April 30, 2015 at 4:01 am

Geeze! YES! And I liked it (said like Katie Perry) ESP #10!!!! :))

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