I Eat Pop Tart’s is lookin’ GOOD!

June 9, 2014

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My blog facelift is done! I love it! I mean, I loved my blog before but I really like the new look. After two years of service,  I Eat Pop Tart’s deserved a little make-over.

A list of new stuff:











There you go. Nothing super fancy just a few little tweaks to make my blog a little more fun and interactive. I understand that a blog or web-site is only as good as the content I put in it, so I promise to make sure I update everything regularly and that even means Google+ which I am super new at but I’m learning.

And again, a very special thanks to Kaye at Sqeesome Designs because I am really a pain in the ass and I don’t really know what I want but I trust the fact that she can decipher my ramblings about pink stars and somehow turn that into exactly what I was envisioning.


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