I missed a rap riot but I got to meet Hillary Swank. Winning!

November 23, 2014

in Cool Things, Friendship

hillaryLast week (ish) we headed to Hollywood for the TMZ tour. It was campy, cheesy fun. We ran into Tyga standing on the roof of a building while he was shooting a music video, but our bus left the scene minutes before the riot started.
I was bummed because you kind of expect to end up in a rapper riot when you sign up for a TMZ tour.
Next time for sure.
But to make up for the lack of rapper riot, we got dropped off right at the foot of the red carpet for the movie The Homesman starting Hillary Swank, Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep.
So we waited. And waited. And waited.
And the waiting paid off because Hillary Swank dropped by and posed with us for a selfie!
When stuff like this happens, people assume I just walked into these situations. I wish it was that easy! You got to work at it people! You gotta be willing to stand in the crowd for two hours and take elbows in the ribs and get coughed on by the guy behind you (who may or may not have had a contagious disease.) And you have to be willing to miss your awesome dinner reservations and hold your pee.

It’s a sacrifice that only on rare occasions pays off.

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