I’ve been busy watching Breaking Bad.

July 9, 2013

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I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to write. I can list all my reasons but it’d be a boring list and, lets be honest, half of them would be made up excuses to cover my guilt.

So let’s just let it go okay?

But I have been busy, stressed and overwhelmed but I have also had time to watch Season One of Breaking Bad so…that’s a fair trade.

The youngest boy is off on his Civil Air Patrol adventure (part one of two) which wouldn’t be bad had it been more than 48 hours of him returning from Washington DC.

Last week was a blur of plane rides, laundry and BDU uniforms.

And spray starch. Thank god for spray starch.

The oldest boy unsurprisingly waited until the 12th hour to find a place to live after he adamantly expressed his desire to be moved out on June 4th. A month later we were still waiting. I was okay with him not going. What I wasn’t okay with was;

1) telling me you are moving out so you don’t have to do things like clean your half of the bathroom.

Example: “I don’t have to clean it because I’m moving out.”

BTW, that excuse only works if you are actually moving out. Like you have paid a deposit and have boxes packed, otherwise you’re just being a lazy smart ass.

And I call bullshit on that excuse. If you have pooped in it within the past 24 hours then you still considered a resident of this house, so grab a sponge and start cleaning.

2) getting calls from strange people asking if its okay to allow my son to “crash on their couch” because you told them you were homeless.

No. No, you are not homeless. You cannot tell us you are moving out and tell everyone else we are kicking you out. If you want to leave, we accept that. If you want to stay and live by our rules, we accept that as well. But don’t play both sides of the fence. It’s annoying.

Grow a pair, make a decision and stick to it.

So anyway, we (Cheryl and I) kindly put the effort into finding him a place. He needed it for stability. His life was a mess off endless hours of waiting for rides, unreliable transportation and being negligent at both jobs. He had put himself into a position where he wasn’t doing anybody any good, mainly himself. He needed to shit or get off the pot, so to speak.

Or at least clean the damn thing.

So we found him a great room and once he saw it (and realised the convenience if it) he loved it. The house is perfect, right next to miles of hiking trails, a nice but not needy landlord, beautiful pool and a furnished room so he doesn’t have to unpack until he knows he’s gonna like it there.

And his Moped is finally, after months of screaming and yelling to get off his ass and get the thing street legal, is ready to roll.

Pun intended.

So now he has the independence to do things on his own and not rely solely on others and the freedom to clean or not clean the toilet.

It’s a good day and we are very proud of him.

News Flash-

See ya all in a week. We are on a little getaway, just the two of us and then heading up to pick up Andrew in Reno and spend some time at the stunningly visual Lake Tahoe. I may try to photo
Blog if I have Internet access. If not, y’all just have to wait until I get back!



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