My sister is homeless and I’m conflicted about that. Especially today.

November 27, 2014

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1669f2a1142f5e503f32a95394512861This is the first holiday that my sister will spend being homeless.

Why she is homeless is up to debate. It’s fair to say that her story and my story would be entirely different when trying to explain how this all came about. I blame drug addiction, she blames our unrelenting government for their inability to help her and fund her disabilities. Today, it really doesn’t matter how she ended up where she is, the bottom line is that she is homeless. Most days I can justify it as a choice she has made, but today it’s a little harder to swallow.

Growing up my Mom has very territorial over holidays. We spent every holiday together.

Or else.

As my sister and I got older and our significant others were involved, holidays became a little watered down. Trying to be everywhere and do everything for everyone over the holidays took its toll, so we slowly segregated family outings and tried to make the time we spent with family be more than just a pass through visit. Because of that, I spent less time with my sister and family during the holidays. I’m not complaining,  I’ve been extremely lucky to have married into a wonderful family who welcomed me with open arms. They have been a blessing as my immediate family has become smaller and more complicated. But even though I wasn’t there for every holiday, it didn’t mean we weren’t without. I always tried to see my family the day before or the day after the actual holiday. While it wasn’t on the exact day, I opted to spend a full and complete day and really invest  my time with them.

It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.

But yesterday my sister was homeless. Today she is homeless and tomorrow she will be homeless too, so those visits are hard to do. And, to be honest, I am not sure I would want to see her anyway. The wounds are still open, the excuses still many and the manipulation of those excuses is still in high gear.

For the first time ever I am wishing my sister the best from afar. I hope that she finds peace, a warm dinner and a safe place to lay her head.

Be grateful people. What you have today may be gone tomorrow. Be really, really, grateful.

1 Debbie November 27, 2014 at 5:06 pm

Wow, this hits close to home for me Sandi. I have a sister that suffers with many issues. I miss her too. Much better from afar.

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