No Slapping (or shooting people) Allowed!

August 28, 2014

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uziOh geesh…I’ve been gone forever. I guess I put myself on some sort of a self imposed hiatus. It wasn’t writers block where you can’t think of anything to write. It was more like I had stuff to wrote about, I just didn’t want too.

Anyway, I’m back with lots too discuss.

First up, the nine year old with an Uzi that killed her gun instructor.

What a horrific and fucked up tragedy.

I feel for the parents that probably thought they were teaching their little girl how to fire an automatic weapon safely.

And yes, I say that tongue in cheek.

I’m not sure when or where it would ever be necessary to train your young daughter how to use a military grade automatic weapon. Of course with this being a subject that many people have weighed in on, I’ve heard many sides to the story. One of my friends justified it by saying they parents wanted her to learn to shoot it for personal safety reasons.

AGAIN, I’m not sure when or where it would ever be necessary to train your young daughter how to use a military grade automatic weapon.

I think at nine their biggest fear should still be the monster under the bed or at the worst, the bully at school that steals your lunch money. Neither of these warrant being shot by an Uzi. I mean, I’m 46 and have never even been in the same room as one. If I’ve made it this long without needing to shoot anyone with it, I think a none year old can hold out a little longer until it’s absolutely necessary that she be trained on how to use a machine gun. Until then maybe she can stick to a .38.

AGAIN, that was tongue in cheek.

This week I gave a citation to a little girl at school who slapped another kid upside the face because she wouldn’t hold her own water bottle (later the story was changed to the girl she smacked had said something cruel to her) either way, you don’t hit. Period. It’s in the rules for a reason. I guess the Mom got pissy because she felt her daughter was justified in slapping the other little girl.

And that there folks is what is wrong with ‘Merica.

I’m pretty sure that the Mom would have come unglued had her little girl been the one that got hit, but that’s not really part of my post. This is about when did it become okay for young children to resort to violence to solve a problem? I can see the occasional fist fight on the playground after you get a little worked up over something. But someone calls you a bad name and you go straight for the haymaker? And more distressing, your parents approve?

I’m gonna be honest, if slapping the shit out of someone was legal, I could think of about twenty people per day I’d slap.

But it’s not the right thing to do. It’s not okay for me to do it, or you to do it and anyone to do it.

Can you imagine the playground ruckus we would have if all the kids could go around slapping anyone they thought offended them?

The bottom line is we have become to desensitized to violence. It’s become a standard reaction to things we don’t like. And we keep upping the ante. I’m not saying that teaching a young girl to shoot an assault rifle is what is giving ‘Merica a bad name, but I am saying why the hell do we even have these guns readily available on our streets and why, WHY is it even an option to teach a child to shoot one?

Ferguson, Mississippi.

What happened was horrible. I’m not even going to try to argue a sensible point about what happened there (and I won’t until more facts roll in.) But I will say is that the violence that took place in retaliation of the shooting? Uhm…how does that even make sense? You are arguing that the police used excessive force by using excessive force? When did looting replace attending a city council meeting so that your voice can be heard? When did destruction of personal property become a sign of standing tall to support someone?

I don’t know why and I sure as shit don’t know how to fix it but I do now one thing for sure. VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER.



My heartfelt thoughts and prayers for peace are with the families involved in these tragedies.

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