Part II – The Recovery

April 27, 2015

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IMG_8115So far my recovery is progressing as it should, and in my opinion, faster than the doctors anticipated. While I was in the hospital I was 2-3 days behind schedule, now I’ve jumped ahead and I’m super excited about that.

The biggest struggle was getting my strength back and regaining some of the stamina I had lost. Lying in a bed with no food for two weeks will take a toll on your muscles and over all body strength. The first few days at home talking was tiring. Walking to the bathroom was a struggle. Taking a shower knocked me out for a few hours.

Everything I did needed a recovery period.

It was exhausting being so exhausted.

Coupled with the stamina was the fact I wasn’t eating nearly enough nutrients. My stomach had shrunk, food didn’t sound appetizing and my diet had been reduced to white bread and saltine crackers. The doctors kept saying to be patient that everything will readjust and gradually increase as my body got back into the swing of things. I’m going to be honest, it was REALLY frustrating and depressing and I REALLY didn’t believe them. Anything I ate caused an uncomfortablness that is difficult to put into words, so that made me not want to eat.

Vicious circle ensues.

IMG_8119After being home for about a week, things finally started working the way it should. I was up more than I was down, my recovery period after doing something was becoming less and less and my appetite was increasing. Again, just like when I was in the hospital, I was still 2-3 days behind where they wanted to be, but I was gaining ground!

The type of blockage I had is one that can come back at any given notice. It’s like getting a kink in a hose. Once it is there, the hose will more than likely kink in that exact same spot over and over again. Two things work in your favor when battling the reoccurrence. 1) The length of time that passes between your initial blockage and the time when your body starts working productively (yes, I am talking about poops and farts.) If you don’t have another blockage during this time, it is a HUGE positive mark towards your overall recovery. I’m so lucky and grateful that this didn’t happen to me, some people have 6-7 blockages during this time. But what I lacked in blockage, I more than made up for in PTSD anxiety. I was positive anything that I’d eat would get stuck. Every ache and pain I contributed to blockage. I was (and still kinda am) riddled with paranoia. 2) Adding ‘normal’ foods, especially the dreaded fiber, back into your diet. Fiber is a catch 22. Your body needs it to work right, but it is the worst thing to eat after an intestinal blockage. Go figure. As a patient you need to really try to add some of these foods back in without over doing it. Start small and then gradually increase your intake. I’m still in this phase. Each day I try new things and add in a little bit more healthy stuff. I still get pain and nausea but the bouts are getting further and farther between. I’m at a good point. I can tell now what my body will reject and the pain from eating something taboo diminishes so much quicker than it did a week ago.

I can’t complain.

Today I have an appointment to visit the main Doctor in my care and I am 100% certain I will receive a clean bill of health and permission to return to full duty with no restrictions THREE WEEK ahead of schedule. I feel great, I can eat normal(ish) and my strength is back to about 90% of where it should be. I know with everything that has happened and where I am now, I am very, VERY lucky.

And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for it.

1 Laurel April 27, 2015 at 4:37 pm

This is great news and you are a trooper!!! Imagine a valid reason and almost a doctor’s note to toot whenever you want!

2 Sandi April 29, 2015 at 9:41 pm

Lola- Thanks the name of the game! A license to toot!

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