Quick! Hand me the duct tape!

June 23, 2014

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This December we will celebrate our 14th anniversary of living in our house.

And by celebrate I mean we get to fix everything that is broken.

Now that’s a party!

And I’m serious, it seems like everything is falling a part.

In the past 7 days our to-do list has included:

  • Sprinkler main thing-a-ma-gig
  • Sprinkler Timer
  • Side Gate
  • Green Pool
  • Dryer
  • Bathroom Cabinet Door
  • BBQ
  • Stanley’s Eye Ball

It just seems never ending. It’s frustrating and expensive. And frustrating.



1:43 pm Oh, and I forgot to add that I chipped my tooth and have to go to the dentist on Wednesday.

4:49pm and our laundry room sink faucet has turned into a geyser.



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