Religion Isn’t Free. So Pay Up.

February 10, 2014

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images40SD9I82I was going through some unopened mail today and I accidentally opened a parcel that wasn’t addressed to me. It wasn’t addresses to anyone living in this house and it also wasn’t addressed to any of my neighbors. Honestly, I don’t know who it was originally for. I have never heard of the people or the street name that was listed on the envelope.

But of course I read the invoice out of curiosity.

It seems the people the letter was intended for have fallen delinquent with their tithing for the second largest conglomerate church in Corona.


That’s right. It seems like the church didn’t think they were paying enough to attend the Sunday Service so they charged them.

The note went on to explain that while they had paid $23 in January 2014 (week 1: 41, week 2: $1, week 3: $1 and week 4: $20) for their weekly offering that is far less than $100 they paid last year in January 2013 (week 1: $25, week 2: $25, week 3: $25, week 4: $25) so if they could promptly pay the remaining $77 dollars that would be appreciated as they would hate to have any disruption in their weekly service schedule.

It also went on to add together what they have paid this year in regards to special events. Unfortunately, it seems these people also fell short in the Christmas Conspiracy money drive and they haven’t quite paid in full their promised pledge from the pledge drive, so the estimated amount owed for “intangible religious benefits” is a whopping $153. They need to pay that by 2/28/14 in order to stay in God’s good graces.

I’m not sure what they mean by “intangible religious services” and I’m really not sure why you have to pay for it. Everyone should have equal access to God (should they wish) for the small price of oh, I don’t know, let’s say free.

That’s right, I said FREE.

I find if horribly offensive that someone got billed to attend church.

I can go into why I find it offensive but I won’t. I guess if you attend this church and find in worth the price of admission, then good for you.

But I for one am not “buying” it.

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