So many concerts, so little time! My summer (so far) review.

July 7, 2014

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This week I’ve been taking the Southern California concert venues by storm!

Lots of shows, lots of music, lots of FUN!

I am exhausted. And exhilarated.

My goal was five shows in eight days, but I decided not to go to Reo Speedwagon on Wednesday. Partially because the logistics was turning into a nightmare, but also because I won tickets to see them and Chicago on August 1st at The Greek! YIPPEE!

I’m gonna take my concert run down back a bit further since it has been a summer of shows for me and I don’t want to leave anyone out!

6matt/18 Matt Nathanson at The Greek

I saw Matt with my friend Lindsey. We both love him but I am going to rightfully concede to the fact that she loves him way more than I do. I mean, she REALLY loves him. If you don’t know him, you should. Matt Nathanson is a freakishly good song writer and I love a good song lyrists. Anyone who can jot down their heart and soul and put it to music is someone I want to see live and he didn’t disappoint. I guess it’s worth mentioning that we also saw Gavin DeGraw but neither of us was super familiar with his stuff. Plus we had to leave Gavin’s set early so we could meet Matt Nathanson. I shit you not. We met him and it was as wonderful as you would expect it to be.

6janetwitter2/21 The Go Go’s at The Hollywood Bowl

I saw The Go Go’s get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so it only seemed right that I would see them get inducted into The Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame. It was a once in a lifetime Go Go experience! The Go Go’s playing onstage with the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra! Holy Shit! You know I love The Go Go’s. I really do. And Jane Wiedlin and I have had some pretty flirty banter back and forth on Twitter, so in a way I almost feel a sisterhood with the band (this could potentially all be in my head but whatever, just go with it…) Anyway, I felt like a proud Mom watching her kids win and amazing award at school. They were the band that no one said could make it and after 39 years of success it is safe to say they proved all those fuckers wrong.


newman6/28 Sarah McLachlan at The Greek

Saturday my dear wonderful and incredibly smart and helpful friend/neighbor Newman and I went to see Sarah McLachlan at The Greek. Holy cow, what a voice! I’ve seen her live at Lilith Fair, but this was the first time I have seen her do her full set. I’m sure you already knew this, but DAMN that girl can sing! And there were tons of lesbians there. I guess I shouldn’t have been as surprised by that as I was. Anyway, Sarah gave me goose bumps at least 10 times that night and she was open and very personable with the audience (she is neither a “top” or a “bottom” it really just depends on her mood.) And she is dating a hockey player which moves her up a few notches on my Awesome People List.

queen7/3 QUEEN with Adam Lambert at The Forum

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this show. Purists were saying to boycott the show because Queen couldn’t really be Queen without Freddy Mercury. But here you have a whole buncha other guys in the band who were just as much of a integral part of making Queen the band that it was who finally found someone with a voice worthy enough to take the stage and let them play the music that they were born to play. I think they did a great job incorporating just enough tribute to Freddy without it being too much. And they did a great job of keeping Adam in his place as Adam, not as a replacement for Freddy. But between you and me, they could have let the kid loose and had even a better show because Adam was a worthy lead singer. Great show and I am so glad I went!

cher7/5 Cher and Cyndi Lauper at the Ontario Center

Let’s start by saying that Cyndi Lauper is a crazy loon and that I absolutely adore her! Surprisingly, I have never seen her perform live and OMG! She was spectacular! She was raunchy, funny and just this shy of being bat shit crazy! I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of her voice. It’s loud and demanding and everything that I wasn’t expecting. When you hear Time After Time and True Colors I expected that little soft quirky voice but man, she can really belt it! I’ve always loved her but even more now after seeing her live.

Cher. Oh, Cher. I said it best on my Facebook post “Holy Mother of all things Iconic!” I’m pretty sure there isn’t a better theatrical performer on the planet. It wasn’t just a concert, it was a show. And a great show at that. She sang everything and what she didn’t include in her set, she covered on very thoughtful and historic video clips. You went to see Cher and you got to see Cher. She was a commanding presents in the middle of that stage and she brought the house down! Stunning performer but really, would you expect anything less from Cher?

PS: My boss, the lucky son of a bitch that he is, took this picture from the 2nd row. Thanks for the snap Ed!

deflep7/6 Def Leppard and KISS – Chula Vista Amphitheater

Okay, this was an amazing show. 1) because I love Def Leppard and 2) because by the grace of god we ended up sitting 5th row center stage. How or why it worked out that way, I will never know, but I’m not going to question it. Def Leppard was AMAZING! It was basically the same show they played when I saw them in Vegas last year, minus Booty Ruben and Ded Flatbird. BUT STILL…who cares! They rocked! It was a magical, once in a lifetime opportunity and I enjoyed it immensely.

KISS…hmm…it’s fair to say they are not my favorite. It could have been because were so close that I was up close and personal with Gene Simmons drool. If it wasn’t for the make-up, I could have sworn I was watching a St. Bernard sing. And Paul Stanley, well, his voice leaves little to be desired. It’s like he was talking baby talk (I’m not making this up…seriously.) On the plus side they really did bring it on the stage show effects. There was lots of shit blowing up and dazzling lights. It was a sight, that’s for sure.

That’s it! Amazing two weeks of shows with enough music and good memories to last me a lifetime!

Up next: THE GO GO’s at Pacific Amphitheater!



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