Spending the day with Hoda & KLG

June 15, 2013

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s&mhodaEveryday I watch Hoda & Kathie Lee on the 4th hour of The Today show.

Well, almost everyday.

Sometimes I have stuff to do, but when I don’t have stuff to do, I watch it.


I watch it because they are funny and it’s a great way to start your day. They drink, they laugh and they drink some more. In short, they are the kind of gals I’d love to attend a Go Go’s concert with.

BTW- Going to a Go Go’s concert is just about the highest regard I can bestow upon someone.

And to make this daily event even cooler is that I get to spend an hour a day texting, gabbing and cyber chatting with my BFF. We watch the show together, along with Hoda (who is an intricate part of our inner circle) and chitter chat as if Hoda & KLG were in our living rooms. So, to solidify our friendship with Hoda, we decided to wake up bright and early and head to Santa Monica to see a live taping of the show.

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Margie made a great sign, I brought the boa’s and we hooted and hollered in the rowdy section of audience.

It was so much fun!

hodatweetAfter the first taping we headed upstairs to watch the cooking and ran into Hoda who zeroed in on us, “there they are! I love my crazy girls!” We asked for a picture but she said she wanted one of us first AND SHE TWEETED IT!

I really shouldn’t have been surprised by the Tweet with her being part of our newly formed “gang of three.”

Us girls gotta stick together, right?

 By now we are half a day in and are into Hoda & KLG stalking for the long haul. We sat front and center for the second taping. I would have thought that by this point Hoda would have called security (SA-CURITY!) on us, but she seems to rather enjoy our strategic and preplanned encounters random run ins with her.

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 Next, we hit up Hoda’s book signing. Because not only is she awesome and very personable human being, she is also a hell of a writer. And I’m not just saying that to be a kiss ass, because it’s not like she’s ever pop in to read this blog. I’m saying it because it’s that good of a book and anyone who has been or will be transforming any aspect of their life should read it. It was an honor to have her sign the books and I will treasure them.

If you want to see that I’m not making this up, you can buy her book 10 Years Later right here.

Or her first book, Hoda: How I survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer and Kathie Lee here.

photocopybookThe day was long but I have to say I had a ball. Lots of laughs, lots of memories!

I loved every minute of it!


1 Cyndi February 21, 2013 at 5:22 pm

You just make me smile, Sandi!!! I love watching KLG and Hoda. They love life and are glad to bring laughs to us housewives as we do the same ol’ same ol’. Glad you got to meet one of the two!! xoxo, Cyn

2 Sandi February 22, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Cyndi- This goes to show that only the cool people watch them! <3! They start my day off with a laugh, what more can you ask for!

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