Spring Break in 3, 2, 1…

March 23, 2014

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swim 001I was going to write about how busy this last week was but then I realized how redundant that would sound. I’ve come to the realization that exceptionally busy is just our new norm. It’s funny because I used to think we were super busy when the kids were younger, but we really weren’t. Whoever tells you that your kids need you more when they are young are lying. They really need you (and your money) more once they hit 14.

14 is a soul killer.

14 means picking up your kid at 1am only to find out he told his friends that you would be happy to drive them home so you find yourself pulling into your driveway at 2am after dropping off 5 kids that don’t belong to you.

I swear by the last drop off I was looking at the lady in her PJ’s and robe waving from the door thanking me for ‘volunteering’ to drive everyone home with 1) extreme envy and/or 2) homicidal rage. I’m not sure which and I was too tired to try to sort it out.

And don’t even get me started on the money. I have written more checks this past two months than I have in the past three years. Everything needs a check. The only part of the world that is still taking the antiquated form of money as a check is high school. Seriously. If you have forgotten how to write a check you best brush up by high school or you will be in for a rude awakening.

photo 2But the plus side is my youngest is enjoying his Freshman year to the fullest. He finished his 10 week intensive Skull Island program on Tuesday. heading into the finish line for Skull Island resulted in a few 16 hour days for all of us. And we were all thrilled when it was over. Andrew is still suffering from Skull Island induced P.T.S.D. Every time he gets a text message he panics thinking its his team leader telling him that he has a new 5 page report that’s due by 9am the next day. I hope it goes away on its own because I am not sure how I will explain that to a therapist. “So, he was stranded on a deserted island with nothing but duct tape and flip-flops made out of palm trees…”

And he had three swim meets this week. One was his fist official league meet of the season. He swam Varsity and did a damn good job for his first outing. Swimming high school is so different from club. It’s exciting and I always walk away with a bad case of heartburn. The stress is incredible. If you have a bad race at club it only hurts you, and you can just walk away and get lost in the shuffle. In High School your performance is glaringly obvious and a bad swim can affect the whole team. Luckily, he hasn’t figured out he needs to feel pressure so he’s just out there having fun and enjoying the camaraderie.

photo 1Friday night Andrew swam in the last event of the meet and we had to drag him out of the pool, wet Speedo and all, to drive him across town. 17 minutes later he received an award from The 23rd District PTA for Best Interpretation of theme for the Reflections program. The award didn’t quite go as planned, the kid he used as his inspiration was a no-show, but he was excited about the award, gave a great speech and it was a really neat experience.

Things I learned this week.

1) After going to bed at 2am and getting up at 4:30am, there is not enough Starbucks or vodka to get you through the day.

2) It is okay (and not a bad idea) to pack a suitcase of clothes for your many stops throughout the day.

3) Mophie is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

4) On busy days, plan your potty stops.

5) Enjoy. It goes by way too quick.

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