Surprising Lola and Over Coming Writers Block

July 22, 2014

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lolacesarHello everybody!

Geesh. I have been gone forever.

I mean, I haven’t been gone, gone. I’ve been inconveniently absent, which means I have been here but have been to busy to write. Plus, I’ve had a touch of writers block. Not a full blown block, just a little annoying one where the thoughts are there but I just can’t find a way to translate them onto the screen. And if you know me, or follow my blog, you know I can’t fake write and just bullshit it. If it’s not there, it’s not there. Faking it sounds, uh, fake so I just disappear until the feeling strikes again. A lot of blog writer regurgitate their old posts when The Block strikes but I don’t do that. I guess I could, but I look at it like re-reading a book and I don’t ever do that and I assume y’all don’t either.

Anyway I’m back figuratively and literally so here we go…

One of the reasons I was M.I.A. is that I took a Top Secret trip to Canada to surprise Lola forher birthday. If you know me and my big mouth, being totally stealth, going off the grid and under the radar is not one of my strong suits, but I managed to pull it off! I really enjoyed my trip to the Great North, mostly Lola comes West when we get a chance to meet up so this was a wonderful change of pace for me. Although I didn’t get to see any live beavers I still consider the trip a huge success because I ate the most incredible Suzy Q donut, had the best Cesar (a Bloody Mary to you Americans) and caught up with a dear friend.

Many thanks for Lola and her amazing family for letting me barge in unannounced, stomp around their house braless in my PJ’s and drink their beer for 4 days. Y’all rock!

PS: Aside from how that sounded I am a wonderful house guest…mostly.




1 Laurel July 22, 2014 at 3:43 pm

It was an amazing visit and meant So Much! I will never forget the feelings when you came in the door behind John mumbling something or other–I was like who is that behind John and that voice sounds familiar but d’uh Sandi lives 2771 miles away…. and then OMG Sandi! Sandi is here in my house on the eve of my birthday as my 12th #12daysofbirthday surprise. Totally surprised. I smiled, laughed, even had a few tears that I think I hid pretty well…and then I thought to myself, crap, the floors aren’t vacuumed!!!!
Epic birthday surprise and a much needed IRL visit with a great friend! You girls in Cali that get Sandi ALL the time are blessed (most of the time….:)

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