Swim like there is no tomorrow.

January 6, 2014

in Santiago High School, Swimming


I’m sitting at a swim meet surrounded by athletes who race 4, 5, 6 events per meet. They practice six days a week, at least 3 hours a day.
It’s a gruelling sport.
Missing a day of practice adds seconds.
And getting a second back (or even half a second) is like climbing Mt. Everest.
So you don’t miss.
You are at the pool everyday. Rain, shine, sickness…whatever.
You are there. Swimmers are some of the most dedicated athletes in any sport. Training never stops and times can always be better. There is no limit. You don’t get a win and go home. You get a time. And that time can always be better. So even after a great race, you are never completely satisfied.
And if you do get satisfied, the guy in the lane next to you isn’t and he’s chomping at the bit to take your place.
That’s pressure.
So you lift weights, do lunges and do so many squats that you lose count. And you swim. You swim miles a day so that you are at your peak when you dive in the pool for that 45 second race.
And when you race, you are not just swimming. You are swimming for your personal best time. You are swimming for a Red or Blue time. You are swimming for a Western Age Group Time or a Junior Olympic Time. You are swimming for team points and for your place on that team. One bad race and you can lose it all.
All that training and it’s gone in a blink of an eye and the only way to get it back is to start over.
And you know what? Swimmers love it. They thrive on it. They fight for it. Day in and day out.
And boy is it fun to watch!


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