Swim Team Initiation

January 29, 2014

in Boys will be Boys, Swimming

thToday Andrew had his Varsity swim team initiation. The older kids showed up at 5:30am armed with horns and silly string and woke him up and dragged him out of bed! The poor kid didn’t even have time to pee! They took him (in his PJ’s) to breakfast where the rest of the swim team was waiting. After decorating him by drawing swim goggles, FRESHMAN on his forehead and VARSITY on his chin, they sent him off to class. he had the option to change and wipe the crap off his face but he chose not to, which of course scored brownie points with the team.

You never really know how your kids are going to react in that situation. Are they going to freak and be too embarrassed to walk around campus looking like a panda bear in PJ’s? I had told Andrew when he made the team that they were probably going to initiate him. Making Varsity in any sport is a right of passage. You need to pay your dues and only when they think you’ve paid enough, they welcome you into the “family.” I told Andrew that when the time came to make the most of it and enjoy it and don’t be that kid with a bad attitude. It’s a once in a lifetime moment and it should be enjoyed, and remember next year you are the one doing the initiation!

Luckily, he loved it! He said it was so fun and was a great way to start off the school year!



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