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April 30, 2014

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rss feed REDI am a blog writer.

I tell you that because it’s important to know the difference between being a blog writer and a regular one. There are people who are both, who write blogs and books, but I am not one of them. I’ve never had a desire to write a book, nor have I had the desire to educate people via the internet by hosting a “learn from me” blog. I pretty much just sit down and write whatever pops into my head, whenever it does. Some weeks that happens a lot, others, well, it’s a little harder to come by.

Some days I write. Others I don’t. I think that pretty much sums up my blog posting schedule.

By being a Blogger, you kind of have to self promote yourself. Having an on-line presence is a must in this job. If people don’t know who you are, or if you come across one dimensional, people aren’t going to go out of their way to find you, read you and bookmark you. You need all three of those to survive in this world. As a blog writer you appreciate when people come to you and ask you to join their networks. It’s like being invited to join the cool kids lunch table.

So when Mommy Hot Spot asked me to sign up, I was all HELL YEAH I will! Because it’s cool and fun and validating to be included.

On occasion you are going to see a cool little button like the one down below where you can vote for me and my blog. This helps me two days. 1) I get exposure, which as I said, is a must in the blog world. I guess I should say measurable exposure, because no one in the blog world cares what you say your stats are, they want to see black and white numbers on paper. 2) I can actually win stuff, which if I ever do, I promise to re-gift on this blog in some kind contest.

It’ll be fun, just like playing the lotto with a lot less money at stake!

But really, it’s also a chance for me to thank each and everyone of you. I started this blog a little less than two years ago and it has been awesome watching to grow and expand into places I never thought possible. It’s like watching your child grow without having the expense of feeding them. I really couldn’t have done it without you. Whether you have been tuning in since the beginning or you are a new reader, I just want to say thanks. And to tell you to keep sharing. There are a row of buttons on top of the blog where you can sign up and/or follow me on other social media sites. And at the end of this post you can click a share button to share this blog with your friends in your social media world. That’s how it works around here folks. Share! Share! Share!

I can’t say it enough. Thank you! You all have been a whole buncha fun to take this journey with! I can’t wait to see where the tide will take us next!

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