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May 4, 2014

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swim 001On Saturday Andrew finished up his inaugural high school swim season. It was a great season and Andrew learned so much about himself in the process. High School sports are a strange beast. Competitive. Grueling. Fun. Andrew started off not really sure who he was an as athlete. Even his coaches had trouble defining his goals and sorting out his best strokes. Most of the time a swimmer (or really any athlete per se) by this age and level of competitiveness, has an idea of what they are good at. Or I guess you could say, what they are better at than other aspects of the sports. Baseball players have narrowed down their position . Football players have figured out what their roll will be on the team. Track athletes have defined whether they are distance or sprint runners and have honed in on events they excel at. At the start of the swim season, Andrew was still all over the map. He can swim distance and he can sprint. He can swim all of his strokes with a degree of competiveness. Not any one event bubbled up to the top as one he is better at than the others. Santiago High School is a stacked swim team. It’s a powerhouse in the Big VIII and in the Inland Empire. They win, or at least expect to win, season after season. The level of success this team has had is a blessing and a curse. Of course if you are an elite swimmer, it provides the training and the competition you need to stay at that level. If you aren’t that kid, it’s sometimes harder to find a spot on the roster. Andrew was lucky, he made the Varsity team as a backstroker. He spent the entire season training for that one stroke and over-all he did great. He came up a little short and didn’t place in the league finals. It was a disappointment but I think after some personal growth, physically, mentally and emotionally, he’ll be alright next year. He’s only 14. He’s got time. Instead of the league Finals, he swam Saturday at the Endvotational and did amazing! It was a solid way to end the season on a high note.

But with personal growth in one area, comes struggle in another. Andrew has always been focused on his school work, but with the demanding training schedule and new found attention with a social life, he’s had trouble balancing it all. While he has thrived in some areas (skinny dipping) he has dropped the ball in other areas (school work.) For the first time in his life he has had to work on time management and he hasn’t done a very good job at it. Things have fallen through the cracks and his grades have suffered.

005I’m going to be honest. It’s tough to watch your kid struggle. Even if he is busy enjoying himself. Because as much as he is enjoying himself you know eventually he’s going to say “oh shit! My GPA!” but he’s at that age where he has to figure things out on his own. He has to decide where his focus needs to be, or better yet, where he wants to spend his time and effort. He is evolving and changing. He’s growing up.

We couldn’t be prouder of the young man and athlete he has become. At the end of the day, the confidence he has gained, the friendships he has made and the experiences he has been able to enjoy is worth a few points off his GPA.

Congrats Andrew on everything. It’s been a joy to share this season with you. I can’t wait until 2014/2015!









1 Tanya May 4, 2014 at 2:58 pm

We are in the same boat here with Spence Sandi. I thought Ty was a challenge but he actually held it together a lot longer. So hard being a parent sometimes. I just want my kids to be well-rounded. Hopefully that will happen…

2 Sandi May 18, 2014 at 9:43 am

Tanya- It sure isn’t easy to watch them try to figure you things out but it’s a necessary evil in order for them to grow. Good luck to all of us Freshman Mom’s!

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