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March 2, 2014

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swim jacketWe have been so incredibly busy. No scratch that. Andrew has been incredibly busy and that in turn makes us incredibly busy. He is in the thick of Skull Island and swim and both require a tremendous amount of hours and commitment.

Both have over taken our nights, weekends and any amount of free time that we used to have. That means unless it involves Speedos, bamboo or coconuts radios, we don’t have time for it.

And frankly I’m starting to get a little bit cagey.

I want out. I want to go somewhere and do something…anything.

I’m not even going to feel bad about wanting a little freedom and I’m not going to feel bad that I shouldn’t be the one complaining, that really should be Andrew. he’s the one doing the work.

Swim: 22 hours a week. Not including special events or meets.

Skull Island: 20-25 hours a week. Not including school hours. Or 17 hour trips to a volcano.

School: 35 hours a week.

This doesn’t even account for any of his “normal” school work. Like Algebra or book reports. It’s exhausting. And draining. And he is LOVING every minute of it. I’m not kidding. The kid is on cloud nine. He loves his swim team and actually wakes up at 4:30am with a smile on his face and looks forward to getting in the pool.

And he loves to hate Skull island. It’s like family. He and his teammates either get a long or they do not. But they seem to be pulling together and having fun, getting slap happy with the exhaustion of trying to get everything done. They are a good group of kids and have had to fight for their survival together. It’s bonding in a weird sense of the word.

We (all) keep counting the days util the end of Skull Island. Two more weeks and we will know if they survived, or didn’t. And maybe then I can go out for a GNO or at least get my toes done.

Until then I’ll be in my car, probably in the school parking lot, waiting for either a pick up or a drop off playing Words with Friends.

Want to see a little bit of what Skull Island is about? Check out the video. It gives you a glimpse into the 10 week process without giving away too many secrets!

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