These dreams are made of this…WTH?

June 5, 2013

in Funny Stuff

charI’ve been having the craziest dreams lately.

I think they are somehow related to my twitchy eye lid, but I am not % 100 sure.

(I should probably get the twitchy eye thing checked out. It could be something life threatening.)

In my  dream last night I was riding in a chariot with Tom, one of my friends husbands. I was, er, driving the chariot and I made the horse go the wrong way and we were late to our meeting. I guess Tom doesn’t like to tardy, so he shot me WITH A GUN. Well, he tried to shoot me. Luckily he had super bad aim and he missed me and hit my TV. I was so pissed that he ruined my TV, I shot him back. Of course, I had a direct hit.

Because clearly women are better with guns than men.

And last week I had a dream that an Internet Friend (I shall protect her anonymity) and I won a poker tournament and took the winnings and bought a race horse. The horse went on to win the Triple Crown, but when the news crews came to interview us on this miraculous feat, they found us in the bar watching 16 Candles.

You know, the 80’s movie.

We have since decided that this dream means we were meant to be millionaires (and famous) together so the next time Power Ball is at an optimum level we are totally buying tickets.

And yes, I know the obvious choice would be that we both enter the World Series of Poker in las Vegas, but I’m not a great poker player. I can never remember which is better, a straight or a full house.

Maybe this is just left over stress from the Graduation festivities. Or end of the year PTA stress. Or maybe I am just fantasizing about riding in a chariot with Tom.

Whatever it is, it’s strange.

Even by my standards.

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