Twerking. I’m Over It.

September 16, 2013

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Yeah, I said it.

But, I want to go on record that I said it against my will. I have been coerced by the Powers That Be (Powers That Be = Those Guys That Sign My Pay Check) to write “my thoughts” on the subject.

My thoughts are simple.

Twerking is stupid.

Talking about twerking is stupid.

Writing about twerking is stupid.

All I am doing by bringing it up is giving twerking more power than it deserves.

And that is stupid.

I am assuming twerking is this years Jersey Turn Pike. In fact, in my opinion, the two bare a strong resemblance to one an other. But I may just be saying that because I am old. This new dance stuff and the over reaction of the dance stuff is probably exactly what happened back in the day when Elvis shook his hips on National TV and everyone went ape shit.

I guess as a parent I see why everyone is up in arms over Miley at the VMA’s. She was scantily clad and danced provacitively. I get that. I wouldn’t want my kid to see that either.

Which is why I didn’t let my kid watch the VMA’s.

Problem solved.

On the flip side I see why Miley did it.

One, to stay relevant. Sadly, we (I say we because I mean us as society) put so much pressure on these celebrities to push the envelope so we keep talking about them. The kiss of death for any person in the public eye is when their audience quits paying attention to them so they do bigger and more outlandish stuff to keep our attention.

Two, to break out of the Hannah Montana persona.

Note to Miley: Point taken. You are no longer a virginal Disney star. We got that. You don’t have to keep licking stuff to prove it.

In all honesty, I could care less about the twerking or the outrage about the VMA’s. I am assuming they had a few rehearsals, with hundreds of people/managers/record executives watching who approved of the whole debacle. It was done for show and shock value.

What does bother me is the backlash that Miley received about her body. I give the gal mad props for getting up in front of millions of people and shakin’ her money maker, but I was appalled by the backlash. I saw joke after joke, insult after insult on FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest. That to me is more degrading and upsetting and sending the wrong message to our kids than twerking ever could. The dance could be avoided but the damage of putting down Miley’s self image can still be read all over the Internet. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I wouldn’t be pointing out flaws of a 20 year old who is probably a size 2 with perfect skin. Kids have enough issues with self and body image that they don’t need to hear you say it about someone they probably idolize and probably will never resemble physically. I wonder how many young girls looked into the mirror that week and said, well if Miley is fat and flabby, then I must be obese.

That’s more damaging than any provocative dance could ever be.

I went to this parenting conference last week (and it was AWESOME! I’ll be blogging about it soon, but first I have to do my required article. **Pouts**)  the main speaker said something profound. We, as parents, need to make sure we start at a very early age instilling our morals and beliefs upon our children so that by the time they get into Middle School/High School they have the ability to decipher right from wrong and make those decisions on their own.

Simply put, the Miley Cyrus VMA twerking fiasco shouldn’t have been an issue for your kids as long as they knew enough to look at it and say “that’s too sexually provocative for me, I think I’ll stick with Gangnam Style dancing.”

If they don’t, then that’s on us, not Miley.

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