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July 18, 2013

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P1030170After a full week of travelling, the wanderers have returned home.

Cheryl and I spent the first few days at Double Eagle Resort and Spa located in June Lake, CA. It’s a beautiful resort nestled into to Eastern Sierra Mountain range. We skied there many moons ago but I haven’t been to that area in the summer and it was definitely much more eye appealing than it was with 20+ feet of snow on the ground. What I liked best about this place is that it went out of its way to make the area feel rustic, like were roughing it in the outdoors, when you were really just lounging at a 5 Star resort. My only complaint about the place was that there was so much to do, I didn’t have time to sit on the deck and read my book.

**And yes, I received a little kick back from this trip but I would have given TWO THUMBS UP regardless of the sponsorship. This place is amazing. I can’t wait to go back next year!

After June lake we headed North to the in-laws house in South Reno. It’s always a nice trip filled with good food, lazy mornings and great conversation. Andrew had to attend Civil Air Patrol Encampment this summer and because he was in year round school the California Wing Encampment was scheduled over his final week of 8th grade so he couldn’t attend. Luckily the grandparents live about 30 minutes from the Reno base so we flew him up there and they got him settled and we arrived just in time for his graduation.

P1030199I have not been shy in my love of the Civil Air Patrol program. It’s amazing. The stuff it has taught Andrew about himself, teamwork, leadership, ethics and integrity are unparalleled. The week in boot camp just reinforced all of that. He made some new friends, pushed himself mentally and physically to what he thought was his limit and persevered. We couldn’t be more proud of him.

This picture is of Bravo Flight after they graduated. They spent the week doing drills, flying planes (yes, flying…as in driving them!) learning basic weaponry safety, shooting M-16 simulators and taking classes for leadership, responsibility and goal setting.

He had the time of his life and when he got home, his home unit rewarded him with a promotion to Flight Sargent. He’s thrilled at the opportunity. Our little boy who used to sit back in the shadows is reaching out and grabbing life. It’s exciting to watch him grow and expand into a fine young man. And as a bonus he leaves tomorrow for NCOS (non commissioned officer school.) I don’t exactly know what NCOS means or what he will be doing, I guess he can fill us in when he gets home.

After Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house we headed south to Lake Tahoe. Again, another area I have only seen covered in snow. We drove along the lake on the way in and it was simply breathtaking. We were here for a few days and it wasn’t even close to being long enough to see and do everything we had on our list. We are already planning our trip next year.

For summer AND winter.

P1030246Adding up the days since Andrew’s trip to Washington DC, Encampment, Tahoe and NCOS, he has been home exactly 5 days of the 23 he has been on summer break.

And he is loving it.

Not just the freedom, but the growth.

Cheryl and I have realized our boys have grown up. Gone are the days of hard core parenting. Now we get to sit back and little bit and see what they can do for themselves.

It’s freeing and a little scary.

It’s that time when you get to see if your efforts as a parent have paid off. Did enough of what you lectured, yelled and screamed sink in? Are they going to survive these next few phases of their lives without my nose being buried deep into their business instructing them every step of the way.

The answer is yes.

Both boys are doing great. Frankie is thriving on his own. He is enjoying his freedom and working hard. We love that he has made an effort to stay in touch with all of us and enjoying seeing him when he pops in for visits. He still needs us, but for the right reasons. And we still need him to be our son, so this new way of living is working out good for all of us.

And as for Cheryl and I? We have learned that there is life after kids. Whether it’s curled up on the couch watching Breaking Bad (THANK YOU ROBIN for making us watch this show! It’s amazing!) hiking the hills or running errands, we still enjoy each others company.

Except when I dump her ass out of the tube in the middle of a freezing lake.









My bad.

1 Mary Styler July 18, 2013 at 4:54 pm

It’s fun having grown up children, isn’t it? I know Andrew is still a “kid” but as they mature and make good decisions, it’s such a pleasure to see and enjoy!.

And…I’m still laughing about your massage!

2 Sandi July 18, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Mary- it is! It’s actually more exciting to see them step out on their own two feet than it was holding their hands. Granted, the whole process of parenting was/is amazing, but seeing the flourish us unbelievable!

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