Yesterday I Felt Like Crap

June 26, 2014

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d6ed016c31ba8ce3bf51c88eb3d58b9bI had this long post written about how my Hashimoto’s has made me feel crappy the past few days. I spent 30 minutes writing about the difference between thyroid issues and Hashimoto’s and how saying Hashimoto’s is just about your thyroid is like saying only eating donuts make you fat. Lots of things make you fat, eating donuts is just a small itty bitty part of it. Same goes with Hashimoto’s. Thyroid is an end product of the disease but a small slice of the pie as to how it affects your health.

I do take a thyroid pill and it helps. But my thyroid is such a small part of me feeling crappy. My thyroid numbers are barely low, but my antibody numbers are extremely high. It’s common in hereditary Hashimoto’s. In a nutshell, my icky symptoms are not thyroid related, they are autoimmune related.

My nemesis is (probably) Lupus.

I say “probably” because even though I’ve had two doctors tell me I (probably) have Lupus but I haven’t been in to have it confirmed. Mostly because finding out seems insignificant and unimportant. I have symptoms but they aren’t debilitating. I have days of pure health and I have other days when I struggle. Brain fog, sore joints, skin issues and depression/lack of ambition are the ones that surround me regularly. There are things I can do to feel better but I don’t do them so I find it hard to complain about how I feel because I don’t try to fix it.

So when it acts up, I tend to just hole up in my little corner of the world until things get back to normal. I’m lucky. Truly lucky that I have friends and family to help me out on those extra tough days. I’ve learned to ask for help and that having a dirty dish or two in the sink isn’t the end of the world. I’ve learned that the extra long to-do list is just a guide of things that need to get done eventually, and that the world will not come crumbling down if it’s not done in the next five minutes.

I’ve learned that being honest (aka bitching) about it helps and that most people you bitch to understand instead of judge. I have learned to accept and appreciate the good days and to make the most of them and I have learned that the bad days are few and far between and they end as quickly as they come.

And I’ve learned from The Bloggess that even though you write funny stuff, that life isn’t always funny and it helps to keep your blog authentic if you just let it out.  I write because I enjoy it. I write about my life and family because it’s who I am, so I might as well include my illness in there as well. It’s who I am and it’s not going anywhere.

So there you go. Thanks for listening.


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